Made In Japan

Free Call : (0120)-551-896
International : +81(3)-6455-1896
Business Hours : 12:00pm - 4:00am


How can I contact your agency?
You can contact us with questions or comments using the contact form on our website. Our office has fluent English speakers ready to assist you.
Please use our booking form for reservations.
You can also call us at +81(3)-6455-1896 for bookings or enquiries.
How can I meet your girls?
We provide outcall services only. We will send the girl directly to your hotel or home.
How can I pay? Do you accept credit cards?
We ask that you provide payment prior to the start of your time with our escort. We accept cash & credit card payments only.
What do you need for booking?
For a booking we require the following information:
  • Your full, REAL name.
  • A contact phone number.
  • The location, name, and room number of your hotel (or your residential address).
  • The date, time and duration of your desired meeting.
  • Payment method.
If your booking is lacking any of the above information, we will not be able to confirm your booking. If your booking was by email, we may call your phone number to confirm. We may also call the hotel to confirm that you are present (We will simply ask the hotel staff to connect our call to your room, we will never divulge any information about our service or your booking to the hotel staff).
We would also like to know the following:
  • The name of your preferred girl or girls, or a description of your "dream girl" if you would like us to choose for you.
  • Special requests regarding your time with the girl, her clothing and appearance, etc.
How does a session start?
We ask that you join the girl for a short, cleansing shower before the start of a session. This will only take a few minutes but significantly enhances the experience for both you and the girl and is part of the service process.
Can I do anything to your girl? What services are offerd/ not offerd?
The basic services available are outlined on our "Service" page. Additional requests may be accommodated upon discussion, preferably during the reservation process. However, please respect that the girls have their own individual comfort levels and limits. Please have a good time with our girls as a gentleman. Specific acts we cannot provide are anal sex and S&M play. Under Japanese law, full sexual intercourse in exchange for financial compensation is illegal. Made In Japan is a licensed and fully legal service that operates in compliance with this law. We cannot respond to requests for "full service".
If you harass or pressure the escorts for acts that are not on the "Service" page, and were not discussed during the reservation process, your session may be terminated and there will be no refund.
Can I take photos or videos of the girls?
We ask that you respect the privacy of our escorts and refrain from asking for or covertly taking any photos or video recordings of them during your time together.
I live outside Japan. Can a girl come visit me?
For safety reasons, and the many factors involved in international travel (flights, visas, international laws regarding escort services, etc), it is not feasible for us to offer services overseas.
In the event that you visit Japan, we look forward to welcoming you with our one of a kind Japanese hospitality and service.
Is there a dress code?
You don't have to get dressed up, but cleanliness and a little common sense helps you get a little further with the girls.
Do you have photos of all the girls' faces?
At Made In Japan, we take the comfort and privacy of our girls seriously. Some of them have requested their faces not be shown publicly because of the risk that their images may be published elsewhere or used maliciously. Therefore we have a policy of protecting the girl's image if she requests that we do so.
However, we have a members only website for regular customers, which has additional images of all our girls, including their faces. Repeat customers will receive a personal login ID for this website.
Can the girls visit me outside of Tokyo? (travel inside Japan)
This may be possible in some cases, but we will need to discuss it with the girl to determine if it will fit into her schedule. Some girls may have safety concerns regarding travelling to meet customers. It is generally preferable to arrange to meet the girls while you are staying in Tokyo, particularly if you are meeting a girl for the first time.
In the event that a girl visits you in another part of Japan, you will be required to pay a transportation fee as well as the service fee. Made In Japan will determine and arrange the appropriate form of transportation, generally taxi for prefectures surrounding Tokyo, or airplane for areas further away. We do not allow customers to transport the girls in their private vehicles.
How can I get personal login ID for this website?
If you want to become a member, please contact us.
Why is your service so expensive?
Made In Japan aims to provide the most exclusive and luxury service in Tokyo. Our escorts are for foreign gentlemen only.
Our girls are all 100% Japanese, and we specialize in providing ladies who can speak English at a conversational level or above. They are all regularly tested for STDs. Our website contains plenty of high quality professional photos and video so that you can get an accurate view of the ladies' body shape, and our regular customers can see full face shots and semi-nudes of all the girls before they make a booking. They are trained in Japanese etiquette and will treat you as a most honored guest to Japan throughout your booking. Their erotic services are second to none.
Our office also has fluent English speakers, so that a booking can be made smoothly and with no fuss even if it is your first time in Japan.
Are all your girls Japanese?
All the escorts who work for us are Japanese women.
Are the girls full shaved/waxed?
Some are and some aren't, so if this is important to you please let us know when you make a booking.