Made In Japan

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Companion Services

Our selection of women are available to meet with you over food and drinks for a dating session or straight to business as an escort.
Displayed below each individual companions profile thumbnail are their course availablity.

For clients that have previously used our services you will have access to our members page where you can see full facial portraits and introduction videos of our cast.

The cast of "Made In Japan" are all 100% Japanese, Please feel free to contact us at anytime to make a booking.


Please fill out our booking form with your appointment details.
If you have any questions regarding our services please feel free to contact us via the online chat widget on the bottom right corner of the screen or call us on (0120-551-896)

*Dating Course Bookings*
Bookings must be made at a designated restaurant
Please advise us of the restaurant name, address, time and booking name.
The companion will meet you directly at the restaurant.
Residential and hotel room services are not permitted.

Free Call : (0120)-551-896
International : +81(3)-6455-1891

Agreement Form

Confirmation Call

All bookings are finalized via a confirmation call to the designated restaurant or hotel room depending on the selected course.
Residential deliveries will be confirmed through a fixed land line.

Your appointment

For date course appointments please be at the entrance of the restaurant or seated at the time of your appointment.
For escort clients please be in your room at the time of your appointment, the companion will come directly to you.


Please read this page before making a booking. If you require any special services, please mention this when you make a reservation so we can match you with a beautiful Japanese escort who can fully satisfy your needs. Please note that there are some acts which we cannot accommodate.

t is okay to ask the escort questions once she arrives, but if she is not able to provide a special service, please respect that.

If you pressure the escorts for additional acts that are uncomfortable for them, dangerous or outside the scope of our service, your session may be terminated and there will be no refund.


Under Japanese law, arranging a meeting between two parties for the purpose of full sexual intercourse in exchange for financial compensation is illegal. Made In Japan is a licensed and fully legal service that operates in compliance with this law. Our Japanese girls are compensated for their time and companionship only.


We will not condone unsolicited physicality. Please refrain from any acts that make the girls uncomfortable or might cause them pain. Allow the girls to guide the flow of the session. Relax and enjoy the full experience of time spent with our beautiful Japanese escorts.


As we respect your privacy so do we ask that you respect the privacy of the girls whose job it is to bring you pleasure. Please do not ask the girls to reveal personal information or attempt to contact them outside of the appointed meetings. For example, please do not ask about their jobs, families,or where they live.

Our girls will be happy to chat about many topics including sports, movies, music, fashion and travel.


Needless to say our escorts prefer the kind of man who maintains a high level of personal grooming. It is recommended that you prepare yourself thoroughly beforehand in order to receive the maximum enjoyment out of your time with your escort. Please make sure you have showered, your fingernails are trimmed and clean, and either brush your teeth or use mouthwash.

Customers with venereal diseases, infectious diseases or unsanitary habits will be refused service.


In cases of time spent in your home with our escorts we would ask that you take the time to ensure everything is clean and tidy so that there will be no interruption to the positive, erotic mood of the encounter.


Alcohol consumption is, of course, at your discretion though we ask that it be kept in moderation in order to prevent any unfortunate negativity in the encounter and so that you can receive the optimum level of pleasure and service from our escorts.


Intoxicated clients will not be offered service. Consuming drugs in front of the escorts or offering drugs to the escorts will cause the termination of a session.

Secret Filming

Secretly filming any time spent with the escorts is strictly prohibited, both by house policy and Japanese law.


The age of consent in Japan is 18 and any patrons under this age will not be allowed.